Mantech Newsletter – Januar 2015

Nyhetsbrev fra ManTech for Januar 2015 er nå utgitt, og finnes i helhet under.

Det inneholder en spennede sammenlikning mellom dikromat KOF og den nye teknologien PeCOD,
sammen med en god kalkyle på hvor fort man kan regne med å tjene inn en investering på en
ManTech multiparameter analyserobot!

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MANTECH – January 2015 Newsletter
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A COD Analysis Tool for Operations Staff

PeCOD simplifies COD analysis to a single push of a button and eliminates the use of dichromate and mercury, enabling municipal wastewater plant operations staff to conduct COD testing around the clock, with results in just 15 minutes.  There is no need to wait for hours or overnight for COD information.  Click here to learn more about rapid COD analysis for municipal wastewater plants.  Contact us to receive correlation charts between PeCOD and dichromate based COD approaches.
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Using COD Results to Your Advantage

SME food and beverage processors often do not have their own reliable data to properly characterize the composition of their wastewater effluent.  Without this information companies cannot identify opportunities to reduce the volume and contamination strength of their effluent.  The Bloom Centre for Sustainability recently compared PeCOD to traditional COD methods at several processing sites.  Read report here.

Ask The Expert

Question: What are the differences between Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)?

Answer: The BOD test is performed to determine what effect dirty water, containing bacteria and organic materials, will have on animal and plant life when released into a stream or lake. When there is an abundance of bacteria and organic materials, the bacteria will take in oxygen in order to breakdown these molecules. Read more.

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Delivering ROI for Laboratory Equipment

With over 16,000 staff across 36 countries, a major European based laboratory company achieved a return on their MANTECH equipment investment in only 21 days. The company invested in their first MANTECH system in 2008 and has analysed over 200,000 samples, each with up to 7 parameters, operating 24/7.  In addition to the rapid ROI, the MANTECH approach enables a more sustainable approach through reduced plastic waste and reagent consumption.  Click here to learn more.

Quick News

– MANTECH announces the appointment of Metcon Sales and Engineering Ltd. as its municipal market sales representative for the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Learn More.  

 MANTECH launches new 15-Minute COD Analysis themed advertisement in Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine.  View the advertisement and then give us your feedback.

– Are you going to Pittcon? Visit MANTECH March 8 – 12 at booth 953.

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