Mantech Newsletter – November 2017

Multi-tasking and time allocations are key components to running an efficient laboratory and decreasing the cost per analysis for pH, conductivity, alkalinity, chloride, fluoride and ammonia. These parameters are important since they have well defined standard limits for health and environmental considerations. Much of the high cost of analysis is due to the use of multiple instruments and multiple trained technicians.

In this paper we will describe the development of an automated measurement system for pH, conductivity, alkalinity, chloride, fluoride and ammonia. The experimental results demonstrate these parameters can be measured in the same system, approved methods can be followed, and the cost of analysis can be significantly reduced while maintaining confidence in the measurements.

Whether your laboratory requires a simple pH system or a system with eight parameters, MANTECH will deliver.  We realize each laboratory is unique and as a result, our MT-Series systems are tailor configured with off-the-shelf modules to meet your requirements for sample volume, parameters and sample size.  Each system is fully automated by easy to use software and robust robotics.

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